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Political Climate is the only podcast offering an inside the trenches view on how energy and climate decisions get made and the political interests powering them.  The podcast offers a platform for constructive debate on energy and environmental issues in America.  A place where civil conversations, fierce debates and insider perspectives take place each week with hosts and guests from across the political spectrum.

Julia Pyper moderates and produces the podcast Political Climate. She is an executive in clean energy financing and a non-resident senior fellow at the Atlantic Council's Global Energy Center. She previously covered the global energy transition as a reporter and editor for Greentech Media and E&E Publishing. Julia has covered clean energy and climate change issues across the U.S. and abroad, including in Haiti, Germany, Israel and the Maldives. Her work has been published in Scientific American, HuffPost and The New York Times. 


Brandon Hurlbut is a co-host of Political Climate and co-founder and partner at Boundary Stone Partners, a clean energy advisory firm.  He previously served as Chief of Staff and Deputy Chief of Staff to Secretary Steven Chu at the U.S. DOE.  Before joining the DOE, he was Deputy Director of Cabinet Affairs, serving as the President Obama’s liaison to the Departments of Agriculture, Transportation, Interior, Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.  He held senior positions on Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign and practiced law at Baker & Daniels.  


Shane Skelton is a co-host of Political Climate and co-founder and partner at S2C Pacific, an energy and environment consultancy firm. Previously, Shane worked for Speaker of the House Paul Ryan as a Counsel and Policy Advisor on the House Budget Committee developing and managing all energy, natural resource and regulatory policy. Shane also held a number of other public policy positions, including Executive Director at the Alliance for Innovation and Infrastructure (Aii), Policy Advisor for the American Petroleum Institute and Legislative Counsel for Rep. Bob Latta (R-OH).

Victoria Simon is a producer of Political Climate and policy consultant.  Victoria has worked on sustainability plans for the city of Los Angeles, New York City and the New York Power Authority.  She worked for the Chairman and President of Edison International as well as the Chairman of the New York State Public Service Commission.

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