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Julia Pyper in the News

A solar panel in every house?

Maryland suburbs consider California-style mandate. - Washington Post


Julia Pyper in the News

Julia Pyper sits down with KCRW podcast To The Point

Political Climate host, Julia Pyper, weighs in on the UN Climate Action Summit and youth protests on KCRW's To The Point episode titled The UN:  Climate change and future generations.


Brandon Hurlbut & Shane Skelton in the News

Most adults want corporations to act on climate change

Companies would be wise to use their influence to reduce environmental impacts, some experts say. - Morning Consult


Julia Pyper in the News

Julia Pyper checks in with the BBC

Political Climate host, Julia Pyper, weighs in on the White House stripping California of its right to set it's own vehicle emissions standards.


Julia Pyper in the News

Julia Pyper sits down with The Sounds of Solar podcast

Political Climate host, Julia Pyper, chats with The Sounds of Solar podcast about the politics involved in pushing solar and clean energy into the mainstream.


Shane Skelton in the News

Addressing climate is a win for Republicans - why not embrace it?

Political Climate co-host, Shane Skelton, shares his opinion on why Republicans have opposed climate legislation and why they need to get on-board if they hope to stay in power. The Hill


Live from Vienna: Julia, Brandon and Shane live podcast the R20 Austrian World Summit

The Political Climate podcast team attended the Austrian World Summit and heard firsthand from global leaders, like UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres and climate activist Greta Thunberg.


Arnold Schwarzenegger: Want to Act on Climate Change? Shift the Message

Political Climate sits down with Arnold Schwarzenegger as well as the New Consensus to discuss the messaging around climate change.  


GreenBiz 360: Schwarzenegger on Climate Change, Maersk Dips Toe into Sustainable Shipping

Listen in for some outtakes from a longer interview with former California governor Arnold Schwarzenegger conducted by our friends at the Political Climate podcast, which is dedicated to amplifying bipartisan dialogues about addressing critical environmental and social concerns. Co-host Julia Pyper chats with us about Schwarzenegger's savvy messaging strategy, the dangers of gerrymandering and how his background as a bodybuilder shaped his philosophy toward fighting global warming and other environmental issues. 


Brandon Hurlbut in the News

Biden to Challenge Democratic Climate hawks with 'Meat and Potatoes' Approach

Biden has a track record in the Obama administration of enacting policies that have helped reduce emissions and lower the cost of clean energy, allies say.  “When people look at the cost declines of clean energy technologies, it all starts to go down in 2010,” said Brandon Hurlbut, a former campaign adviser for Obama's 2008 campaign who was later chief of staff at the Energy Department. “That's not a coincidence. That was a consequence of the Recovery Act investments. The vice president was a big part of that.” Washington Examiner


Schwarzenegger Institute Partners with Political Climate, A Bipartisan Podcast on Energy and the Environment

The Schwarzenegger Institute is excited to announce a new partnership with “Political Climate,” a bipartisan podcast exploring energy and environmental issues in America. After gaining listenership from across party lines including industry leaders, congressmen, activists and news media, during their first season, “Political Climate” is advancing their robust public dialogue on climate and energy through this new partnership.  


Arnold Schwarzenegger talks about terminating pollution on the podcast "Political Climate"

Arnold Schwarzenegger sat down for an exclusive interview with the podcast “Political Climate” to discuss the connection between weightlifting, gerrymandering and the fight against climate change.  The former California governor and global environmental leader has been tackling the issue of pollution for years by continuously working across the political aisle. 


Brandon Hurlbut in the News:

Voters Embrace Tenants of Dueling Climate Resolutions

When it comes to addressing climate change, majorities of U.S. voters consider it important for Congress to commit to clean energy innovation and 100 percent clean power generation over 10 years, according to new polling from Morning Consult/Politico.  Hurlbut said he is encouraged by the 39 percent of Republicans who called it very or somewhat important for Congress to set a date by which the country would phase out production and use of fossil fuels. “That is something that we can work with,” he said.  Morning Consult


"Political Climate" podcast gets high-profile new partners  

"Political Climate," a podcast that tracks the politics and substance of global warming policy, has new partners and wider ambitions.  It's now backed by the USC Schwarzenegger Institute and Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation. Axios